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Symposium on 10 Years of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

会場:東京ミッドタウン ホール&カンファレンス room7
Date: Nov. 23, 2011 Venue: Tokyo Midtown conference room7


The Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, which was founded in 2001 as the ninth faculty of Keio University, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The Faculty aims to develop nursing professionals who can lead the way in progressive health, medical and welfare practices for the complex and diverse age in which we live.
I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who supported the Faculty at its foundation, as well as those who have contributed to the Faculty’s educational legacy since, and I hope that together we can make the most of this opportunity to discuss the best way forward for the Faculty in the future.

看護医療学部長 太田喜久子
Kikuko Ota
Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

Kikuko Ota

太田喜久子 看護医療学部長

Tenth Anniversary Greeting/Congratulations

司会:野末聖香 看護医療学部教授
MC : Kiyoka Nozue Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Car

Greetings from Dean
太田喜久子 看護医療学部長
Kikuko Ota Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

Complimentary speech
清家篤 慶應義塾長
Atsushi Seike President, Keio University

阿川尚之 慶應義塾常任理事(ビデオレター)
Noyuki Agawa Vice President, Keio University

<シンポジウム>13:30-15:30  看護医療のシンカ -原点から未来へ-
Symposium: The Shinka of Nursing and Medical Care - From Foundation to the Future


The Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care has reached ten years since its foundation. These ten years have been a turbulent time, with changes in aspects of social security like medical care alongside social and economic upheavels. In particular, the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11 has precipitated questions about the state of society and the role of nursing and medical care within that society.

Looking at the many medical activities being carried out in disaster areas, we can observe a reconfirmation of the importance of nursing activities that enhance the strength of those people aiding the environmental recovery effort, as well as a heightening awareness of the need for promotion of health recovery through specialized and advanced nursing practices. Moreover, the support provided to residents in the disaster areas by public health workers and visiting nurses, and the exceptional actions of the various medical teams, through helping to reestablish links and spur regeneration, demonstrate the invaluable role of medical care in society. In this, we can see both the unchanging foundation of nursing and its remarkable ability to adapt to the changing needs of society.

In this symposium, focusing on the foundation and future of nursing, with four of the aspects of Shinka (value, advancement, familiarity and deepening) as keywords, we will hear lectures on how nursing can contribute to society by making the best use of its specializations. Taking a wide range of views into account, we aim to get to the heart of the Shinka of “Nursing and Medical Care.”

Chairs: Shinzo Kato, Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
; Tomoko Koike, Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care


池川清子 (甲南女子大学看護リハビリテーション学部教授)
Kiyoko Ikegawa Professor, Konan woman’s University
「看護ケアの歴史的起源 ~看護の本質(“真価”)を求めて~」

小松浩子 (看護医療学部教授)
Hiroko Komatsu Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
「上級看護実践看護師が切り開く未来 ~看護実践の“進化”~」

秋山美紀 (総合政策部准教授)
Miki Akiyama  Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
「地域に活きるケアの組織化 ~地域社会で“親化”する看護~」

武田祐子 (看護医療学部教授)
Yuko Takeda Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
「KID; Keio Interprofessional Development ~チーム医療の“深化”~」