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Open Wireless Broadband Platform Laboratory

Date of establishment: May 16, 2007
Director: Jun Murai
Contact Information: Keio University, Shonan-Fujisawa Campus, Murai Laboratory
Phone: +81-466-49-3529 E-mail: junsec[at]sfc.wide.ad.jp


The internet has proliferated throughout the world as an open communications platform serving as the foundation for a variety of services. Meanwhile, micro-scale wireless services such as wireless LANs are widely used over the internet, but with broadband wireless services such as 3G mobile phones and PHS networks, services and communications are not separate entities and continue to exist as closed networks. With the recent advent of new wireless technology such as broadband wireless LANs connecting to the internet, attention is focusing on an open wireless communication platform available for use at anytime and anywhere.
Based on this background our laboratory will focus on merging the internet and wireless networks by conducting technical and society-oriented research, development, and proposals for new applications and business models using wireless networks. Our agenda: 1) validation and diffusion of mobile communications technology and network design, 2) authentication technology for open platforms, 3) realization of non-preemptive handover technology between foreign wireless networks, 4) establishment and governance of laws, systems, rules, and radio frequency assignment rules oriented to open wireless platforms, and 5) new communication services with applications to disaster and emergency situations.

Overview of Research Activity Plan

  1. Validation of mobile communications technology: Proposal, validation of IP mobile communications protocol technology and study of network design schemes for open wireless platforms.
  2. Validation of authentication technology for open platforms: Study authentication techniques for realizing MVNOs on wireless networks and ways to integrate them with open standard authentication techniques on the internet.
  3. Validation of non-preemptive handover technology between foreign wireless networks: Validation of seamless handover technology between wireless networks, and study the development of standardized handover technologies for foreign wireless networks.
  4. Study new communication services: Study the possible scenarios for applying open wireless broadband platform to new value-added scenarios such as broadcasting services, regional services, and disaster recovery.
  5. Study the governance for open wireless broadband platforms: laws, systems, rules, assignment of radio frequencies, and propose the necessary strategies and policies.


Name Affiliation
o Jun Murai Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
o Osamu Nakamura Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Jiro Kokuryo Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Jin Mitsugi Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Research and Development of Wireless Technologies for Open Platforms
Masaki Umejima Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Analytical Investigation for Open Wireless Platforms
Kenji Kohiyama Professor Emeritus