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  • Name of the Research Project: Developing a Ecotourism Revitalize Socio-Economy of Gobi-Altai province, Mongolia
  • Name of the Research Leader: Balt Suvdantsetseg
  • Affiliation: Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Type of Program: Doctoral Program
  • Student Year: 3rd  
  • Telephone Number: 080-5680-2992
  • Email Address: suvdaa@sfc.keio.ac.jp

Ecotourism has become increasing support in developing countries for their sustainable environmental and socio-economical development. Specially, the “Five sand” sanatorium has been established in Gobi-Altai province of Mongolia while it has been servicing to kidney sick people since 30 years. With the increased popularity of natural medicinal treatments, the sanatorium is process of expanding by natural based ecotourism.

The main objective of this research is to i) define the potential ecotourism resources in the study area, ii) model correlations between socio-economical variables and effects of ecotourism development and iii) identify the key ecotourism indicators. This research is complex that consist two main sections. First section worked generally geospatial data that analysed to generate naturalness map, Biodiversity map, Landscape ecology map, Cultural and historical heritage map, and human accessibility map which are using geo-visualization analysis and geospatial mapping for the ecotourism potential sites. Second section is work to assess the socio-economic variables and effects of ecotourism that using Multi Criteria Participatory Assessment (MCPA). The finally, this study will used to identify key ecotourism activities in the destination area that can be give direct benefit to local communities in the case area.