Name of Researcher Hoiting Lau (Student Number: 81126051)

Research Project: Film industry in Mainland China review and analysis

Affiliation: Graduate school of media and governance



Appreciate for the help of Mori fund, I am allowed to do may site visit during the past half year in mainland china. The fund help with my tight budget and greatly push up my research level in depth.


From Late November,2012 to early February,2013 , I have been travelling to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai as well as Macau for my interview. The interview location and progress has slightly changes as planned early. Thanks for the kindles of the interviewee; they have broadened my networking and research groups.


My first visit back to Mainland China is arrival in Hong Kong for arranging interview through networking with some insiders in the industry. I have been able to meet some distributor and arrange interview for January and February in hong kong and shanghai. Informal talks are made during the process and help me to widen my way of thinking, on the other hand recommendation has been made on visit on exhibition site, which are still under construction in mainland china. After arrangement and connection made, my formal interview progress started off from late January to February.


As of limited on fund, I cannot spend so much money on hotel but only for transportation and flight ticket. I stayed over at my friends as to save for flight ticket fees via difference location.

Many of my days are in construction site in the suburb as interviewee are brining me along and explaining difference stage of changes in the exhibition and distribution sectors. On site experience is very useful for me as it give rise to question on my point of view being a researcher as well as audience and owners. According to the interviewee, vertical integration is the big focus on the film industry during this few years.


Part of my interview questions are sampled as below

For Distributors

For Exhibitors

1.How often will you go to the screening and film 

   festival for import films? How many films do one 

  distribution chain usually imports per year?

1.     How many screens and new cinema are built 

       and planning to build within this year?

2.If the quota system rises to 100 or without quota

   scheme ,do you think it will boost the distribution


2. What is the percentage of the total revenue for

    selling food and beverages, rent the cinema for

    social event?

3. As of the rapid raises in the number of new 

   screens and co-production cinema, do you think   

   is the golden time to distribute more contents?

3. Is group tickets and half price day essential for  

   the profit making and promotion the chain of


4. How does it affect the revenue making?

4. How do you think of the integration of distribution

    and exhibition with new capitals?

5. Without any connection to the market, is it 

    possible to distribute films in a revenue making 


5. Do you expect the regulation to change and

    government will provide more subsidies to boost

    the growth of the film industry?

6. Is Quota system actually helping the balance of

   the domestic market in Mainland China or is it

    Damaging its growth?

6. How do you think about the failure of Taiwan

    movie market after the deregulation of quota

    system? If the same case happens to china, do

    you take it as valuable time for profit making?


Overall, with application on the mori fund, enable me to push up my knowledge and allow me to go through stages on my research.

My next stage is to interview professional working in film industry in japan, hoping that I can add up my knowledge gained to further brush up my research.