Mori fund Transactions (Academic Year 2014)


A proposal of revitalizing tourism in Awaji Island


Keio University, Master Course Graduate School of Media and Governance

Environmental Design and Governance Program,

Social Innovator Course 2nd Grade

Masayoshi Nageishi



 This study was a proposal to create the new platform for revitalizing tourism and community development in Awaji Island by elucidating placement of tourism organizations.

 Awaji Island is located in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture. There are issues of town planning but a lot of local resources suitable for the tourism. Lately many organizations were established and try to develop with utilizing them.

 As a result of the questionnaire about tourists, interviews with administrative and tourism organizations, private companies and local residents, it was found that the coordination between governments and private organizations or local residents were not working well. They also had assignments about information provision such as differences between appealing points by inhabitants and wishes by tourists or migrants. Furthermore there were no platforms to integrate including them. Awaji Island needs a new platform to resolve assignments that the community development by loclal governments was difficult to produce the cooperation with local residents in the state of the current system.

 This study was a case comparative study to create a propasal for a new community development with stakeholders by tourism platform in Awaji Island based on regional peculiarities the results of questionnaire and interviews and investigating advanced cases in other regions from the view point of the platform management.



1. Community, 2. Management, 3. Platform, 4. Social Innovation,

5. Community informatics