Digital Cinema Research Consortium

* This laboratory has been completed.

The movie business in Hollywood in the United States has shown remarkable success on a global scale as a content generator. To strengthen this business in the 21st century, the Hollywood film community is planning a cinema business that is based completely on digital technologies without using film. The movie director, George Lucas is planning to make his next movie digitally, send it to movie theaters via satellite and project the movie with a digital projector. This system is called, "electronic cinema" (digital cinema)". It is expected to cause considerable changes in the structure of the film industry in the future including digital broadcasts and compressed media that are similar to movie contents.
In the middle of such a structural change, it will be important to establish a global standard for creators of digital images, digital distribution, digital projection systems and to foster human resources in such fields as production, distribution, movie theaters or other movie-related organizations to broadcast media and net distribution organizations. This consortium aims to support the development and promotion of the digital cinema industry through research and development on different aspects of the industry.

Number of participating organizations3
Masahiko Inakage

Research theme

  1. Analysis of economic efficiency in the digital cinema industry
  2. Development of hardware for original digital cinema materials
  3. Development of manufacturing original digital cinema materials
    (Example: collaborative methods with more than one country)
  4. Development of distribution technology for digital cinemas
  5. Development of multimedia (DVD, photographs, video, etc) deployment technology
  6. Development of technology that supports multi-platform (theaters,digital broadcast, mobile terminals, etc.)

Expected results

  1. Publication of developed technologies necessary for the promotion of digital cinema
  2. Publication of digital cinema (movie products) that reflects the results above (including digital broadcast and Internet distribution)

Expectations of participating members

This consortium plans to solve technical problems with the help of producers, distributors, net distributors, movie theater development and sales organizations and other related parties of hardware and software that will be necessary in those fields. In particular, the consortium aims to participate with its members in order to promote production that deals with technical challenges, billing technology in digital broadcast and network distribution, R&D on infrastructures, management of legal rights and fostering human resources.

Researchers, managers and professors

Masahiko InakageDirector Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information(*)
Jun Murai Executive Director, Keio Research Institute at SFC
Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information(*)

(*) Renamed to "Faculty of Environment and Information Studies" in 2007