DMNET:Digital Media Learning NETwork

* This laboratory has been completed.

This project conducts research and development including building and fulfilling new learning environments at the university based on the progress of digital media and computer network technologies as well as the practical evaluation of the results.nn

Michiaki Yasumura
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Along with the rapid progress seen in multimedia and computer network technologies in recent years, significant developments in telecommunications technology have led to the construction of a mobile environment enabling self-directed study becoming an urgent issue. Especially in the area of foreign language studies, traditional school- and classroom-centric education must be transformed into an integrated educational environment allowing self-directed study. Self-directed study utilizing computers is already with us. So as to effectively deal with this reality, an overall vision of changes in learning styles, and research and development aimed at creating courseware and contents compatible with the theoretical basics of self-directed study are essential.


To establish a learning environment for digital media based not only on system development technologies but also on educational methodologies of teachers.

The development of courseware using the latest in distance communications systems, the development of ubiquitous learning aid tools, and the development of multilingual teaching materials incorporating educational know-how gleaned from foreign language teaching experience at SFC are important tasks currently being tackled.


This project rests on these pillars: the teaching of foreign languages based on an international standard and the teaching of information technology appropriate for computerization. Technically speaking, it is active learning that includes such activities as pronunciation practice, classes deal with real life and a focus on mobile technologies. One particular feature is the abundance of research development ideas derived from collaboration between the private sector, teachers and students.

Past activities

The project has been developing an authoring system (MIO) including systems for information processing education on the UNIX platform and a foreign language education system, called MALL (Multimedia Assisted Language Learning), also operable on UNIX. MALL has already been Windows compatible. Educational materials that use MALL include Chinese, German, French and Spanish versions and all of these are currently being used in actual classes at SFC.

Expected results

We expect to obtain specific knowledge on how to use digital media and computer networks for education or learning, and to develop various authoring systems and courseware. In more concrete terms, the enhancement of a mobile environment, the application of this in the distance learning environment, and the development of self-directed study resources are being planned.

Researchers, managers and professors

Michiaki YasumuraDirector Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Jun Shigematsu Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Tatsuya Hagino Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Takashi Hattori Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Shun Ishizaki Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Atsuko Koishi Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Takahiro Kunieda Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Ikumi Waragai Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Naoko Ishida