Digital Strategy Architecture and Open Healthcare2030 Consortium

Jun Murai
Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Osamu Nakamura
Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Murai and Nakamura Laboratory, Keio University SFC


This consortium will utilize a digital architecture framework to search for and review digital healthcare platforms geared towards medical care, healthcare, drug development, and welfare for the elderly. The consortium will also promote the systematization and dissemination of relevant application systems, aiming to stimulate the economy and drive the development of the digital healthcare field and human resources in the field.


The issues currently faced by Japan and the rest of the world in healthcare, elderly support, and drug development are both complicated and multifaceted. The fields of medical care and healthcare are undergoing dramatic change due to decreasing birthrates, aging populations, and healthcare system reforms. On the other hand, in the digital healthcare field, advanced information systems that use technologies such as big data, the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to resolve these issues.

Some results can already be seen in this digital healthcare field, such as the application of big data for medical diagnoses. However, it can be said that the use of IoT, etc. in the field of digital healthcare is still in a preparatory phase, compared to other fields, since IoT systems currently designed and implemented inevitably become siloed.

In light of these circumstances, we will establish the Open Healthcare 2030/Digital Architecture Consortium (OHP2030 & AIDAF) in an aim to promote, improve the quality of, and systematize the information systems of the digital healthcare field. We will conduct investigations to design a new open healthcare platform that spans across the healthcare industry, and from a global perspective based on enterprise architecture, we will promote the application of IoT/big data/cloud/mobile IT in the digital healthcare field geared towards medical care, healthcare, drug manufacturing, and welfare for the elderly.

During actual open healthcare platform (IoT, big data, etc.) investigations, the architecture of various digital healthcare systems will be verified and analyzed by applying the Adaptive Integrated Digital Architecture Framework (AIDAF) to the ecosystem of the medical care and healthcare industry in Japan, Australia, and the U.S., including hospitals and patients. Upon doing so, collaboration will be promoted between university professors and researchers involved in the field of digital IT architecture, and companies involved in the field of digital healthcare to encourage healthcare industry, academia, and IT industry collaboration. This will be done with the aim of using digital IT strategies to accelerate the competitiveness of the healthcare industry.

Outline of Research Activity Plan (Year 1)

  • Hold symposiums (around twice a year, themes include EHR/EMR, Digital Enterprise Architecture (AIDAF), digital health, etc.)
  • Hold EA case study meetings (aim to hold a case study meeting every quarter, themes are digital age IT strategies/EA)
  • Collaborate and perform joint research with other SFC consortiums/laboratories
  • Collaborate with the Life Intelligence System Consortium etc.
  • Plan educational programs (digital strategy/digital EA reform) (Japanese companies and government organizations)
  • Plan joint research projects (EHR/EMR, IoT healthcare services in cities, digital EA/strategy-related, etc.)



Researchers, managers and professors

Jun MuraiDirector Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Project director, Internet Architecture
Osamu NakamuraDirector Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies Project director, Internet Architecture
Tetsuya Toma Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management
Program Management, Healthcare systems
Yoshimasa Masuda Visiting Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University
Digital Enterprise Architecture (AIDAF), Digital healthcare in general
Naohisa Yahagi Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Life Intelligence System Consortium collaboration

* Plans for other memberships include personnel involved in the study of management information.

Carnegie Mellon University, Nagoya University, MIT, etc.