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The SFC Research Consortium

To promote and develop academic and technological research, Keio University has established the "Keio University Shonan-Fujisawa Research Cooperative Consortium" as an organization to support and conduct joint research and development through cooperation with the Keio Research Institute at SFC, companies in Japan and abroad, public offices and other research organizations. It is also known as the "SFC Research Consortium."

The Consortium sets the research themes led by the university and calls for joint- research by many outside organizations including companies or governments. Its purpose is to tackle larger challenges beyond regional-limitations based on "mutual interest". As a result, instead of joint-research being conducted on a one-to-one basis between individual researchers of a university and a company, much more comprehensive research that is large and wider in scope can be conducted. In this way, the intellectual, human, property and institutional resources of a society can be realized. Furthermore, the social responsibility of the university can be realized through further development of education and research at the university and passing on the results to society.

The Consortium also supports stricter autonomy of the university; disclosure of research results, sharing of intellectual property rights, transparency of received funds, equality among researchers, support of basic or developing research and the fostering of researchers and students.
The Consortium at the Keio Research Institute at SFC has already gone beyond our expectations and has been attracting quite a lot of attention both in Japan and in foreign countries.

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Currently, many companies and organizations take part in the consortium as joint research partners. We expect more and more pioneering organizations and individuals that agree the consortium's principles will be interested in its activities and actively join us.

Research projects currently in progress are inviting consortium members.
For details, see the explanations of each project.
For procedures on how to join, see "Participating in the SFC Research Consortium."

Research projects in progress

Research projectStarting dateRepresentative
Building advanced information infrastructure '94.02 Jun Murai
VCOM '95.10 Masatoshi Tamamura
E-CELL Consortium '02.04 Masaru Tomita
KEIO SFC Future Innovation and Entrepreneurship research consortium '08.04 Yoshinori Isagai
Internet Service Innovation consortium '08.11 Jiro Kokuryo
Agri-Platform Consortium '10.04 Jun Murai
Marketing and design methodology for refining the social
innovation field
'11.04 Masatoshi Tamamura
Internet and New Battery Society consortium '13.01 Jun Murai
Consortium on "Design of Disaster Prepared Information Society" '13.01 Jun Murai
New Generation Intelligent City Consortium '13.04 Tatsuya Hagino
ASIA-ASEAN Data Strategy Research Consortium '13.10 Jun Murai
Data management creation Consortium '13.12 Jun Murai
Public Technology Design Consortium '14.06 Jun Murai
Share Town Consortium '14.12 Jun Murai
Global FAB Society Consortium '15.04 Hiroya Tanaka
Consortium of co-creation for drone society '15.12 Tomoyuki Furutani
Digital Construction Consortium '16.06 Yasushi Ikeda
Regional IoT and Informative Force Research Consortium '16.11 Jin Nakazawa
Smart Living Environment Developer Consortium '17.04 Yasushi Ikeda
Intelligent Home Consortium '17.07 Hiroto Kobayashi
Campus Emergence Consortium '17.07 Hiroto Kobayashi
InterNational Cyber Security Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE) '17.10 Jun Murai
Lab City '17.11 Yasuto Nakanishi
Life Intelligence System Consortium '18.04 Jun Murai
xSDG Consortium '18.06 Norichika Kanie
Next Generation Campus Village Creation Consortium '18.06 Jiro Kokuryo
Jun Murai
Open Healthcare 2030/ Digital Architecture Consortium '18.11 Jun Murai
Osamu Nakamura
Next Generation Image Consortium '18.11 Akira Wakita

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