From the “University that Designs the Future,” a Platform for Collaborative Creation with Industries, Government, Academic and Financial Entities, NPOs, and Regional Communities

“The essence of learning lies rather in its practical consequences, without which learning is still ignorance.” Quote from An Encouragement of Learning written by Yukichi Fukuzawa

The Keio Research Institute at SFC is a research and development platform that continues to take the lead into the future by producing innovative solutions through interaction and integration of knowledge with entities in and outside the Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC).

SFC was established in 1990 upon the foundation of principles, organizational system, and social networks that Keio Gijuku had built up since its founding in 1858. As the “university that designs the future,” SFC has promoted one of Keio Gijuku’s core principles called jitsugaku, or practical learning. Free from the constraints of conventional academic fields, SFC has led over the last thirty years, the reorganization of the knowledge of various disciplines toward a central goal to “identify and solve problems.” Its campus comprises a diversity of experts and professionals, whose knowledge interweave to produce an abundance of practical applications and a fertile ground from which innovation blooms.

At SFC, the Keio Research Institute at SFC acts as a base for the promotion of advanced research and collaborative efforts with society. The Keio Research Institute at SFC aims to contribute to the development of society through its focus on collaboration among sciences, conducting advanced research through mutual collaboration with various related research entities in Japan and overseas.

The Keio Research Institute at SFC was established in 1996 when it consolidated the various research institutes that SFC had established in 1990. At the Research Institute, projects are formed with a diversity of visiting researchers from various sectors worldwide such as industries, government, academic and financial entities, NPOs, and regional communities, and it thus serves as a platform for collaborative efforts for designing the future. The Research Institute is organized by vision or theme, and now has over forty laboratories and over twenty consortiums. The Keio Research Institute at SFC does not simply “connect” to its supporting bodies. It reorganizes knowledge and resources, creates things that previously did not exist, and produces tangible and meaningful output. With extensive experience and overwhelming achievements, the Keio Research Institute at SFC carries a great degree of social responsibility.

SFC has also produced numerous entrepreneurs in both commercial and nonprofit fields. As a support system for business incubation, the Keio Fujisawa Innovation Village (SFC-IV) was established to provide office space and extensive support for business development to entrepreneurs and venture businesses. It is SFC’s goal to foster solution-based learning in the 21st century, and the Keio Research Institute at SFC is a vital part of this history of finding ways to ensure that its research benefits society.

In these uncertain times, when unforeseen problems continue to arise, gathering a wide range of knowledge and abilities to conduct in-depth research for finding solutions has become more important than ever. We ask for your support as we continue in our mission and prepare to take on new challenges.

Masatoshi Tamamura
Executive Director,
Keio Research Institute at SFC