The members of the Keio Research Institute at SFC include the chief, sub-chief, personnel, senior researchers and researchers. Workers, senior researchers and researchers consist mainly of SFC teaching personnel and other researchers from Japan and abroad. They are engaged in planning, proposals, evaluation and conducting projects at the Keio Research Institute at SFC. Many people from private businesses, laboratories, governments and other public offices, municipalities and other universities are actively engaged in research activities at the Keio Research Institute at SFC as senior researchers and researchers.

In addition, personnel, senior researchers and researchers that are working in the same research field have organized laboratories and are engaged in research activities. Currently, there are several laboratories.

Number of researchers(as of May 1, 2021)

Personnel : 351(Including Distinguished Researchers.)
Senior Researchers / Researchers : 454(Including full-time non-tenured facluty members.)

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members including an exective director and 3 deputy directors as staff at Office of Research Development and Sponsored Projects, Keio University conduct activities at the Keio Research Institute at SFC.

Steering Committee

S.C. Member – Steering Committee Member(As of September 1st, 2022)

Organization Chart