Marketing and design methodology for refining the social innovation field


“Place” here indicates a platform where a diverse group of members get together to engage in direct communication, as well as share, create and amplify values. For instance, a museum or a stadium is not only an example of attractive hardware as a facility or venue, but also provides various types of people with opportunities to get together. Through designing them to function as a “place” for people to share and create values and stimulate communication and relationships, the value of the place will be enhanced. As a result, this will lead to higher levels of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Creating platforms like this as marketing strategies (placemaking marketing) could potentially become an important asset to management in many organizations, like corporations, as well as local communities. Actually, various types of “places” have already been created, such as corporate museums, showrooms, satellite shops and display spaces, as communication facilities for companies. These actions have been taken to forge improvement of corporate and product brand values, penetration of corporate philosophy among employees and clients, an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, and promotion of corporate social responsibility. With regard to local community management, it is also important to pursue placemaking marketing offered by the municipal government, groups and companies in local areas. When promoting town development and local revitalization, “places” will play a very important role in offering people opportunities to rediscover the attractive character and value of their own area and go on to share and help others create them.

In this consortium, under the concept of “placemaking marketing,” we are focusing on supporting local governments and groups to create “places,” as the infrastructure, for enhancing the character and value of their area. Likewise, with companies, the aim would be to create “places” where they can promote, share and create their values with community and communication efforts with local residents. To realize this, we will work on various tasks, including theory development, consideration of models, research and development of methods and tools, study of precedent cases, and promotional activities. We will further endeavor to achieve this through encouraging collaborations among universities, corporations, and cultural and tourist facilities.

Activities (FY2016)

In this consortium, we promote joint research and development activities with provide the learning opportunity for researchers for companies and related parties, with the advice and support by researchers of Keio Research Institute at SFC, KEIO UNIVERSITY. In FY2016, we will undertake the tasks of activities as below, based on the result of past research achievements.

1. Investigation and study of “share and create their values of placemaking” by corporations, local governments, local communities and residents.
Regarding study some of the pioneering examples from various areas, after generate a concept, we will promote investigation and studying in cooperate with companies while making good use our consortium networks. We will also conduct to gain insight from type of business model, share and create their values and utilizing of places for regional revival. On the other hand, we will promote to prepare publicize and widespread the research achievements, which will operate from next year, and conduct to enhance human resources development through those process.

2. Research and development of tools with regard to “placemaking marketing”
We will promote the development of tools and support to put activities in practice in cooperation with local governments and companies.

Researchers, managers and professors

Masatoshi TamamuraDirector Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Consortium representative
Ken Ito Project Senior Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Mitsu Inagaki Project Researcher, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Koichi Nagase Project Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Kayoko Tanaka Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC

Administration members
The Keio Research Institute at SFC
NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.