Research project on urban computerization and public space

* This laboratory has been completed.

This project seeks to establish a new information network and develop tools for improving the urban environment both in metropolitan areas and in local cities within a two-year target period starting from 2002. It will produce research activities that are closely linked to practical applications.

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Riichi Miyake


Keio University’s Shonan-Fujisawa Campus will actively seek out joint research organizations that connect universities, companies and external bodies to study various problems in current society and find solutions. A consortium entitled “Research Project on Urban Computerization and Public Space” (abbreviated as “Urban Computerization Forum”) shall be set up to experimentally perform regional revitalization by utilizing information systems. In our current society, where information technology evolves at an incredibly high speed, both citizens and users in cities need to effectively utilize technology because there is a growing need for urban improvement using information systems.

  1. Construction of a regional database and development of operating
  2. Development of an information service system that supports
    movements within a city
  3. Introduction of regional media and development of intra-regional
    communication systems
  4. The creation of a network that connects government agencies,
    citizens and local companies through improvement of an intra-regional
  5. Development of consensus-forming tools to promote business
  6. Establishment of a framework for security management

Target of research

This project selects cities and regions in Japan that suffer typical
urban problems so that research results may be
applied to other cases. Target areas shall include:

  1. Local cities with a population of between 200,000 – 500,000 people
  2. Urban areas of large cities (densely populated areas)

Contents of research

To achieve the above research goals listed above, this forum is
conducting the following research activities:

  1. Construction of a city excursion system that includes positional
    information, development of tools and experiments.
  2. Establishment of an MMR partnership in heavily populated urban
  3. Development of communication tools
  4. Hazard maps and simulation of security management
  5. Organization of regions and proposal of policies to local
    government authorities

Expected results

Results expected to obtained from this research are as follows:

  1. Expansion of population exchanges among local cities and
    revitalization of regions
  2. A new public space utilization system and advancement of regions to
    solve the hollowing-out of heavily populated urban areas
  3. Development of new communication tools and construction of their
    application systems
  4. Introduction of a regionally appropriate town and construction
    management system

Researchers, managers and professors

Riichi Miyake Director Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Tomoyuki Furutani Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Akira Fujita Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance