Internet Service Innovation consortium

* This laboratory has been completed.


The purpose of this consortium is to arrive at measures that will maximize the benefits of innovation to society at large. To this end, our consortium will accumulate knowledge on technology and services available on the Internet in Japan, the processes to create business innovation, the factors hindering innovative development, and the value and disadvantages to society resulting from innovation. We will use our neutral position as a university to provide an open institution for publicizing and enlightening society about our research achievements.


The rapid development of information networks and breakthroughs in IT technology has led to the emergence of numerous services and businesses that were inconceivable by conventional thinking, but now provide the potential of benefitting society. However, existing legislation, established practices, and public opinion fall short of supporting this new potential, discouraging society from embracing the fruit of innovation. Furthermore, society has become vulnerable to unexpected incidents and victimization. Japan, in particular, poses a seemingly difficult environment for innovation as it struggles to uphold and maintain an established system. Moreover, given the recent emphasis on restrictions established in the name of safety and security yet offering only questionable effectiveness, it would appear that our society has become an unfriendly one for fostering innovation. While one cannot argue the importance of maintaining security, one can also posit that a listless society that discourages the creation of innovation lacks the ability to adapt to new circumstances. Even from an economic standpoint, an aging society like today’s Japan cannot expect to live without anxiety given the daily advances in technology and constantly changing environment that surround us. Unless, that is, we abandon the status quo and continually strive to innovate. Our consortium, based on our recognition that society is at greater danger if it cannot innovate, will research security enhancement measures by actively harnessing technology.

Detailed Activities

  1. Research activities
    We will research the requirements and collect, analyze and study information for enhancing creativity in Internet businesses. Specifically, we will consider:

    • financing mechanisms effective for Internet businesses,
    • tax rules that foster innovative businesses,
    • development of human resources to support innovative businesses,
    • regulatory reform that will invite innovation,
    • infrastructural improvement to generate Internet businesses, and
    • a governance system that supports innovation and satisfies security.


  2. Educational/promotional activities
    In order to share our research with society, we will:

    • hold regularly scheduled open symposiums (including ORFs),
    • issue periodical publications, and
    • issue public comments.


  3. Human resource studies
    • Research the development of human resources capable of suggesting policy related Internet businesses.


Researchers, managers and professors

Jiro KokuryoDirector Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Masaki Umejima Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Kenji Kohiyama Professor Emeritus
Mihoko Sakurai Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC
Supanimittrakul Supanuch Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC