KEIO SFC Future Innovation and Entrepreneurship research consortium

* This laboratory has been completed.

Although systems for incubation support have already been established, there are still research tasks that remain for further development, such as better entrepreneurship education, accumulation of incubation knowledge, and endeavors in strategy design. Therefore, we have reorganized the SFC Incubation Village Research Consortium in order to incorporate it in the planned SIV Entrepreneur Laboratory as a core for research activities. In this consortium (KIEP: Keio SFC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Platform Consortium), we will promote research activities based on entrepreneurship education.


Objectives and Targets

The SFC Incubation Village Research Consortium (SIV), established in April 2002, has been very active with the aim of developing a successful venture incubation model lead by the university with SFC as its base. Initially set up as a place to learn about both domestic and overseas advanced cases, it is currently highly evaluated as the most active and pioneering organization in Japan. It is also widely recognized as one of Japan’s leading incubators by a variety of overseas organizations. KIEP will continue to expand its activities as an organization that expects to play a key role in the creation of new business at Keio, with the basic concept of “from research to practice.”


  1. KIEP Research Program
  2. Hosting of KIEP Forums
    Matching research results from Keio, including SFC, with outside companies
    Setting up of sharing opportunities with regard to a variety of cases, including overseas and advanced cases
  3. Coordination of joint research projects and funded lectures
  4. Provision of the SFC-IV Salon Space
  5. Registration and organization of brush-up programs for entrepreneurship projects
  6. Acting as a liaison for other universities’ and overseas incubatorsDetails of these activities will be reported on to member companies at KIEP Forums.

Researchers, managers and professors

Yoshinori IsagaiDirector Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Consortium representative
Hiroya Tanaka Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Masahiro Kotosaka Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Takashi Iwamoto Project Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration
Takayuki Tomaru Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management
Michita Imai Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
Yoshimitsu Aoki Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
Emi Miyachi Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC
Satoshi Kabasawa Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC
Yuki Hara Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC