InterNational Cyber Security Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE)

An international collaboration to address today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing cyber challenges

INCS-CoE Vision

The Vision of the INCS-CoE is to work together in multi-stakeholder environment of Government-Private-Academia collaboration chartered by institutions representing three nations, the USA, the UK, and Japan and creating the environment for collaboration efforts where people meet and work together.

INCS-CoE Mission

The Mission of INCS-CoE is to pioneer efforts worldwide to address challenges created by the growing borderless digital society. Understanding that a single nation-state or one organization will not be able to solve the challenges on its own, the INCS-CoE will start with universities and grow to an academic-government-private collaboration.


The INCS-CoE is bringing together an international group of universities in a pioneering effort to advance international collaboration, recognizing that a single nation-state or a single organization will not be able to solve the problems posed by growing borderless cyber-threats on its own.
Initially, the Center will deal with the common challenges beyond the organizational and national boundaries as more neutral positions providing the place including physical space and facilitation functions.
“Tiger Teams” can be created for the individual projects to address internationally pressing issues.

The INCS-CoE Charter Members are:

– Keio University and Kyushu University in Japan
– Imperial College London and Royal Holloway University of London in the United Kingdom
– UMBC and Northeastern University in the United States

INCS-CoE Member Expansion:

– INCS-CoE is actively working with numerous other Universities across the globe to join the INCS-CoE either as Core Members from the original Member Nations or as Affiliate Members from other Nations.

Cyber Security Research Center
• Development and Deployment of Cyber Security Technology
• Distributed Security Operation Center Technologies
• Development of Trusted Identity
• Development of Education Curriculum for Cyber
Interdisciplinary Centers for Cybersecurity (Cybersecurity Center) (Cyber Civilization/Global Institute) (Keio Research Institute) (Education)

Cybersecurity Center, Kyushu University
• Cybersecurity education and research for individual and society protection
• Security in the IOT Space
• Next Generation and Future networks
• Society 5.0

International Cybersecurity Group
• International collaboration for Cybersecurity
• International Cybersecurity Workshops

UMBC Center for Cybersecurity
• Mobile Systems & Device/Endpoint Security
• Policy-based, Context-aware Access Control
• Security and Privacy for IoT/E, Mobile, Cloud Environments
• Big Data/Analytics for Security, incl. Privacy-preserving Analytics
• Economic Risk Analysis for Cyber Attacks
• Public Policy Issues

Center for Information Security and Assurance

• Interdepartmental Research Institute
• Designated by NSA and DHS as Center of Academic Excellence for Resercah and for Education
• Secure Voting
• Trustworthy Computing
• Digital Forensics
• Cryptology

Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics
• Cyber Analytics
• IoT/IoE; Scientific Datasets
• Quantum Analytics
• Cloud Computing and Data Privacy

Kostas Research Institute
• Expeditionary Cyber; Data Analytics; Geographic Info Systems
• Tactical Edge Cyber: Manufacturing; Autonomous Systems
• Colosseum RF Emulator
Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute
• Wi-Fi – Resilience against smart and cascading network attacks
• Software Defined Infrastructure

Institute for Information Assurance
Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things
Network Science Institute

Institute for Security Science and Technology
• Critical Infrastructure
• Biosecurity
• Nuclear Security
• Financial Systems
• Environmental Security
• Healthcare and Medical Devices
Research Institute for Trustworthy Interconnected Cyber-physical Systems
• Protection of Critical National Infrastructure
• Risk Communication
• Novel Mitigations
• Socio-technical Aspects

The Information Security Group (ISG)
• UK Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research, with long history of working responsibly with industry and government.
• Large specialist team; with wide range of cyber security research
• Cryptography, including Post-Quantum
• Communications, Network, IT, Cloud and Computer Security
• Hardware, Cyber-Physical and Critical infrastructure Security
• Cyber Crime, Legal, Regulatory Aspects
• Security Management and Standards
• Human Factors, Social and Psychology Security
• Hosts a UK Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security
• Hosts the Smart Card and IoT Security Centre (SCC); founded 2002
• Hosts the System and Software Security Lab (S3Lab); founded 2014

Signature Ceremony by chronological order

April 30, 2019 at UMBC

June 28, 2019 at Imperial College London (From left to right)
Royal Holloway, University of London
Imperial College London
Northeastern University

July 2, 2019 at Kyushu University
Kyushu University

July 4, 2019 at Keio University
Keio University

INCS-CoE New Board (Voting members)

• Chair: Satoru Tezuka, Keio University
• Vice-Chair: David Luzzi, Northeastern University
• Director: Karl Steiner, UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore Country)
• Director: Chris Hankin, Imperial College London
• Director: Keith Mayes, Royal Holloway, University of London
• Director: Koji Okamura, Kyushu University

INCS-CoE Officer (Non-voting members)

• Executive Director: Kazuo Noguchi, Keio University

Researchers, managers and professors