Since 2001, the Keio Research Institute at SFC has established “laboratory” research groups each with their own advanced research missions. Laboratories are transdisciplinary, fusing together multiple fields and consisting of researchers who share similar or related research interests. Our aim is to streamline cross-fertilization with domestic and international research partners such as universities through clarification of our objectives, research subjects and expertise. Researchers belonging to Laboratories could conduct “The SFC Research Consortium”, “Contract/Joint Research”

We are categorizing and introducing Laboratories here according to which of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they aim to contribute to.

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The SFC Research Consortium

The SFC Research Consortium is a unique kind of research collaboration in which the university chooses a central research theme, invites a number of external organizations such as private corporations and governments, and collaborates to tackle large research issues while sharing mutual benefits. Compared to conventional joint research, this consortium approach allows for comprehensive research with larger scales and wider scopes.

The Consortium also supports stricter autonomy of the university, disclosure of research results, sharing of inTELlectual property rights and transparency of received funds, equality among researchers, support of basic or developing research and the fostering of researchers and students.”

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Commissioned/Joint Research

At the SFC Research Institute, contract and joint-research is conducted by cooperating with organizations both in Japan and abroad to promote cutting-edge research from the viewpoint of coordinating various sciences. This framework allows the Keio Research Institute at SFC to make contracts with external organizations such as private corporations, government, or local public entities in order to conduct contract or joint research. The kind of research that is conducted depends on the individual needs and interest of the contractors. Front-line researchers in various fields and laboratories with their own research missions conduct research and development on research themes mutually agreed upon with private companies and laboratories, government and other public offices, and municipalities. Afterwards, they submit and publish the results. Although there is no difference between contract and joint-research, contract research is conducted on a specific research theme assigned by an organization. Joint-research is conducted on a research theme determined by cooperation between a university and an organization.

Subsidies / Grants

Subsidies or grants may be given for research based on the following: projects run by public institutions, such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), which aim to vitalize higher education or enhance the competence of universities, or projects run by private organizations that aim to solve and increase the awareness of problems in specific fields.