In 2001, the Keio Research Institute at SFC recently introduced a laboratory system that utilizes research organizations, or laboratories that perform advanced research as active units for research.

Research activities at the Keio Research Institute at SFC are conducted mainly by research organizations called "laboratories" in addition to existing private research. These research organizations are established at the Keio Research Institute at SFC to conduct interdisciplinary and combined research activities and to promote exchange and cooperation between Japanese and overseas organizations. These research organizations consist of SFC personnel and researchers in the same research field who have organized laboratories and are engaged in research activities.

Establishment of laboratories having specific research missions helps to clarify the aim, objectives of research and activities. This makes it easier to meet the goals of the Keio Research Institute at SFC which are to interface with society and contribute our research results back to society.

Contract/joint-research currently being conducted at the Keio Research Institute at SFC may be done in collaboration with a corresponding laboratory. Those who wish to engage in contract/joint-research must first make sure if an appropriate laboratory is available to their research theme, and then proceed with the application procedures for the research theme.

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