Smart Future City Laboratory

Date of establishmentNovember 1, 2016
Jin Nakazawa
Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies


It is said that tens of billions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices will exist over the course of several years. This laboratory aims to resolve the various issues present in human society with the use of these devices. We will promote the development of various technologies needed to accomplish this task, and make efforts to promote the practical use of these technologies through industry-government-academia cooperation. There is a need to efficiently circulate data streams generated by an enormous amount, and wide variety of, IoT devices, and to intellectually integrate and analyze multiple data streams in order to obtain information from people, things, and space, process large quantities of information and produce information with high added value, and reflect that to real space to improve the convenience, safety, enjoyment, etc. of human life. There is also a need to create various fine-grained services including smart homes, smart mobility, and smart cities, and to operate them in a coordinated fashion.

This laboratory will make the objectives listed above possible by conducting research regarding: (1) IoT systems, (2) people and IoT, (3) vehicles and IoT, and (4) IoT data analysis, etc. Results from this research will always be given as feedback to local governments, etc., and will be implemented towards society.

Outline of Research Activity Plan (First Year)

Research Issue 1: Research regarding IoT systems
Design telecommunications infrastructure technology that enables to obtain a wide range of IoT data and distribute it in real-time.

Research Issue 2: Research regarding people and IoT
Design services that grasp health-related information in real-time and contribute to health promotion and monitoring.

Research Issue 3: Research regarding vehicles and IoT
Design smart mobility technology that is adaptive to the vehicle itself, its driver, and the surrounding environment.

Research Issue 4: Research regarding IoT data analysis
Design technology that uses machine learning, etc., to analyze enormous amounts of IoT data and produce new knowledge.

Researchers, managers and professors

Jin NakazawaDirector Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Research regarding IoT systems
Takuro Yonezawa Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Research regarding IoT systems
Tadashi Okoshi Project Associate Professor Graduate School of Media and Governance
Research regarding people & IoT
Yin Chen Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Research regarding vehicles & IoT