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Contract/Joint Research

At the SFC Research Institute, contract and joint-research is conducted by cooperating with organizations both in Japan and abroad to promote cutting-edge research from the viewpoint of coordinating various sciences.
This contract/joint-research is a framework that allows universities and organizations to do joint-research in those research fields that the consortium does not deal with, by cooperating with universities and organizations. Front-line researchers in various fields and laboratories with their own research missions conduct research and development on research themes mutually agreed upon with private companies and laboratories, government and other public offices, and municipalities. Afterwards, they submit and publish the results.
Although there is no difference between contract and joint-research, contract research is conducted on a specific research theme assigned by an organization. Joint-research is conducted on a research theme determined by cooperation between a university and an organization.

Major contract/joint-research themes are shown below:
How to request contract/joint-research: see Join Us Page.

Major Research Projects in Year 2004

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  • A consideration on the method of estimating the level of interest
  • A joint survey on foreign tourists behavior in Kamakura City (subcontract)
  • A study of e-governance for regional and network community
  • A study on energy efficiency of small size natural gas cogeneration system based on monitoring data
  • An adaptive information distribution system according to users contexts for mobile computing environments
  • Application of the object-oriented technology to healthcare information systems
  • Auto id lab, Japan: research on real space networking with RFID technologies
  • Chinese governance under the social transformation to a "well-off society" (xiaokang shehui): Japan-China joint study on Chinese public opinion
  • Construction of an Advanced Information Infrastructure
  • Creating a new method measuring capability of university students
  • Demand creation employing id technology based business models
  • Developing and executing future leader development and training program
  • Development of a technological infrastructure for industrial bioprocess "Development of cell modeling technologies"
  • Development of an evaluation and support system for schools
  • Dynamic service and device discovery on P2P network using metadata
  • Education methodology for IT architects and engineers
  • ICT-based research on regional security and network community
  • Kronos Project
  • Method of using a high resolution 3D model on a network system
  • Planning and executing career adviser (Advanced level) training course
  • Planning and executing career adviser (Professional level) training course
  • Planning and executing training seminars of HR professionals
  • Research and development for full simulation of cell
  • Research and development of management capability and competency measurement test
  • Research and development of the ubiquitous network management system
  • Research and development of the ubiquitous-core which realizes smart environment
  • Research and development on technology and operation for the internet exchange
  • Research for Network Exchange
  • Research for voice interface technology
  • Research on Construction of the Widely Integrated Distributed Environment
  • Research on Construction of the Widely Integrated Distributed Environment, and Network Exchange
  • Research on credit risk modeling
  • Research on fundamental technologies for wireless ad hoc networks
  • Research on information system for urban settlement
  • Research on integration of high presence education and ubiquitous environment
  • Research on interoperability of smart spaces
  • Research on jean prouve and production of international exhibition on jean prouve
  • Research on the method to construct Chinese-Japanese bilingual technical term dictionary
  • Research on the micro hotspot networking technology which realizes ubiquitous space instantaneously
  • Response to homeless families in the Aftermath of Earthquake disaster in urban area
  • Technical instruction of geometric modeling for 3D CAD
  • Wearable environmental media
  • WIDE Project