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Contract/Joint Research

At the SFC Research Institute, contract and joint-research is conducted by cooperating with organizations both in Japan and abroad to promote cutting-edge research from the viewpoint of coordinating various sciences.
This contract/joint-research is a framework that allows universities and organizations to do joint-research in those research fields that the consortium does not deal with, by cooperating with universities and organizations. Front-line researchers in various fields and laboratories with their own research missions conduct research and development on research themes mutually agreed upon with private companies and laboratories, government and other public offices, and municipalities. Afterwards, they submit and publish the results.
Although there is no difference between contract and joint-research, contract research is conducted on a specific research theme assigned by an organization. Joint-research is conducted on a research theme determined by cooperation between a university and an organization.

Major contract/joint-research themes are shown below:
How to request contract/joint-research: see Join Us Page.

Major Research Projects in Year 2007

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  • A study for construction and operation of Digital Archives of Architectural Space
  • An examination of how to construct information system
  • An investigation of the IT solution for regional agriculture
  • Analysis of eye movement in food package
  • Audio technology applications for broadband network
  • Collaboration research on visualization of activities in Virtual Hollywood
  • Construction of an Advanced Information Infrastructure
  • Design of new media service empowered with sympathy search engine
  • Dissemination of "Certified Internet Web Professional"
  • Karaokelogy
  • Knowledge construction for Chinese-Japanese machine translation
  • Make a control unit for EV
  • Research and Development of MIPv6 related technologies
  • Research for Network Exchange
  • Research of disease simulators based on vital/cellular simulation technologies
  • Research on Construction of the Widely Integrated Distributed Environment
  • Research on Construction of the Widely Integrated Distributed Environment, and Network Exchange
  • Research on Digital Cinema Production Using Groupwares and SNS
  • Research on performance enhancement of battery assisted passive tag
  • Resident needs investigation concerning environment, health, welfare, and education in Fujisawa city life town district
  • Study of Mobile WiMAX Field
  • Study on a High Utilization Technologies of the Internet
  • Study on the incubation at the eco-business
  • Study on the Mobile Digital Culture
  • The development of interactive meeting system to activate communication
  • The investigation, how it consumes the "Japanese contents" in the world
  • The study of the security of certification data and the high-speed certification algorithm in the biometrics authentication
  • WIDE Project